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DV Dave Lys turning
DV Daria
DV 3 Paddlers
DV Paddlers 2018 shirt
DV Paddle Support
DV Jessica from Side laughing
DV Guy Kneeling and paddling
DV Ed turning around
Taking a rest
Kayak from the water
Jessica looking back
DV Surreal Paddlers
DV Paddlers whited out
DV Paddlers behind Kimberly whiteout
DV Rasa Waving
DV Steve Waving
Kayaking into Sunset
Woman paddler in yellow
Paddling past the lighthouse
Paddling into Sunrise
Sunlight on the water
Paddlers setting off
Paddlers in front of Kimberly
Paddlers by Kimberly
Paddlers from overhead
Paddler laying on board
Matt Paddling
Jetski from overhead
Mike Bahel from overhead
Ed Paddling
Setting Off
Paddlers and Trawler
Paddlers and Boat background
Kayak and Paddlers
paddle PHOTOS

A very special thanks to David Vaughan and Aaron Warkov for taking and providing great pictures of the paddle. 

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